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Leaf Protection With A Complete Gutter Guard Solution

One Gutter Guard, WHAT IS IT?

It is an extremely strong and versatile gutter protection system. Is a gutter leaf protection micro mesh product designed to combat the rising challenges associated with gutter guards in varying conditions, an excellent solution for your clogged gutters. Each house needs of a different products. For example, houses with pine trees will require a finer mesh, meanwhile a heavy shaded area with heavy pollen will require a looser mesh. 

One Gutter Guard not only provides protection against the debris damage but it protects against damaging snow and ice by creating a square enclosed box. After evaluating to the challenges homeowners faced in different experiences, One Gutter Guard took the best of all design elements to create a better system.

What Makes One Gutter Guard The Best?

Some of the biggest benefits of One Gutter Guard are the following:

The mesh screens installed in the One Gutter Guard system feature varying size mesh openings and under-mesh support. In high-pollenated areas of the home, using a mesh with larger holes will prevent heavy buildup and clogging.

• Interchangeable screen inserts

One Gutter Guard is the first gutter protection system designed with a chassis that permits for different types of screens to be installed, allowing the ability to custom tailor the gutter protection system to meet the specific needs of each environment.

Benefit: Allows the installation of larger screens in heavy pollenated areas. Screens can be interchanged without reinstalling guard chassis.

• All aluminum uni-body chassis

Provides unrivaled strength and durability.

Benefit: The uni-body system provides a 4X strength in comparison to other competitors on the market.

• Pre-drilled holes for quick installation

This chassis is predrilled to improve installation time and over all ease of use. Each predrilled hole is spaced every 12 inches for optimized strength of the system.

Benefit: Makes installation fool-proof, faster, and consistent. 

• Chassis that is sloped at 7 degree angle

The chassis is also pre-sloped to a 7 degree angle to aid in the correct pitch on the gutter without needing adjustments. The flat back helps to maintain the slope.

Benefit: Guards do not have a wave from being installed on different angles. It allows for easier and smoother installation.


Leaf Protection With A Complete Gutter Guard Solution

Even though MicroGuard provides a bit less protection against the smaller debris than our other micro-mesh guard products do, is great for keeping bigger pests out life leaves. It features a raised, stepped groove that prevents water from splashing back underneath the roof shingles. Is available in three configurations: traditional, reverse bend, and flat. Are made of 032 gauge aluminum and has 2000 holes per linear foot of guard. Its angled micro-perforations help to block large debris from sticking to, and entering the screen, while also allowing water to continue to flow into the gutter system.


Gutter Guards: Frequent Questions 

Q: I live in a home with a lot of trees, and have wasted my money on several different expensive gutter guards. How do I know that your guard will work?

A. We stand by our services and products with a warranty. Mesh guards can take large volumes of water, yet prevent anything as small as a piece of sand from entering. Our job is to protect your home from having clogged gutters and to prevent you from having to clean the muck from the interior. Mostly, the product will self-shed with the wind, but on some homes, the debris might have to be easily brushed from the surface. Contact us for more details.

Q. How do mesh guards handle snow & ice?

A. Mesh guards help to prevent the gutter from filling up with snow and ice and becoming extremely heavy. We use a guard product constructed with an understructure 4x stronger than any other guard on the market. This creates an ability to significantly increase the strength of your gutter system, allowing it to withstand the weight of the snow and ice. The mesh design freezes rather quickly, causing a bridge between the snow/ice and the inside of the gutter. As the sun warms the roof, the snow will melt off the front edge of the gutter. Once the snow has melted completely, the mesh will begin to allow water through. Clients may experience icicles during the melting process and throughout the winter. It is thought by many installers and home owners that mesh guards can help alleviate ice damming, because it allows the snow and ice to melt off the front of the gutter, rather than filling the gutter and growing higher and higher up the roof-line.

Q. I heard mesh guards cause ice damming. Is this true?

A. This is a commonly stated comment we hear all the time. If a home is experiencing ice damming, it is typically the result of poor attic insulation. A home with asphalt shingles will have ice dams even without gutters. It is important to properly insulate the home before looking at your guards. If you have insulated the attic space and are still experiencing ice damming, we offer a heated gutter option to help deal with the challenges of ice damming.

Q. What sizes of guards are available?

A. Our guards are available for both 5″ and 6″ gutters.

Q. Can I install mesh guards myself?

A. Our recommendation is that professional mesh guards needs to be installed by an authorized dealer, like us. We have the ability to prevent unforeseen problems. It is very important that an experienced installer do the installation to make sure that all panels are installed and pitched correctly. What you have to do is look for any area on the house that may have water overshooting the gutters on the second good rain after installation, so you can make us a note. We will come back out and make the necessary adjustments. Always be sure that your home have no issues with any problems.

Q. I have seen a couple other products that use stainless steel mesh. What’s the difference?

A. Each product has a specific set of features that makes it different from every other guard. We have made it our job to research all products we offer to our clients in depth to make sure we are offering a product with the best combination of features to protect and strengthen the gutter. The specific guard we use features an interchangeable mesh to allow the guard to adapt to different situations. The mesh can be exchanged without reinstalling the guard. 

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