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As beautiful as copper gutters are, it may not be the solution for your home. Often Historic and High-End homes look the best with copper gutters. Brick, stone, stucco, wood, and slate accented homes are other backgrounds that mesh well with a copper gutter system.

Copper gutters not only look nice, but are also extremely durable, making them more resilient in all weather. These gutter systems have different styles and options including, a classic half-round gutter system or a traditional seamless ‘k-style’ gutter system. These systems are also available in the standard 5 inch or oversized 6 inch sizes. Because of this, they are less likely to weaken. Properly maintained copper gutters can last for around 50-150 years, which is longer than any other gutter material on the market. Most other materials last for around 10-30 years.

Copper gutters can create a beautiful curb appeal for your home! These gutters have a gold, metallic color but will eventually form a patina and become a dark brown/green color. The patina creates an antique or vintage appearance. It is a great way to accent or compliment your home and can also add retail value to the home.

We also offer gutters on a radius fascia. Radius gutter installation is the most difficult type of gutter installation and is not offered by most gutter companies.


Galvanized gutters are often installed on contemporary style homes, barns and farm homes. Galvanized gutter systems are also very cost efficient.

Galvanized steel is among the most durable materials you can choose for your gutter system and is less likely to crack under the pressure of wind gusts, falling branches, or collected yard waste, such as leaves, twigs, and mud.

Galvanized steel gutters are coated in a thin layer of zinc. Because of this, they can better resist water, and weather, as well as physical damage. This material can also be painted over to meet style preferences, and to help increase protection against the elements. Thermal warping also is not an issue with galvanized steel, which makes it better in hot, or rapidly changing environments.


Galvalume has existed for some time in the construction industry. Galvalume gutters add a similar aesthetic as galvanized, but are more dull in appearance. Galvalume gutters are constructed of a steel substrate and coated in mix of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc. They feature a longevity that rivals copper. Because of their lower price offering than copper, they are becoming a more appealing choice for homeowners.

With proper maintenance, Galvalume can last as long as copper in many of the same environments. Not only is it durable and effective, many find it to be more modern and refined than other gutter systems! The color also doesn’t match every home’s decor and where Galvalume can be the right choice. The finish gives it a gun-metal look that doesn’t fade in the weather elements. It has a more neutral and natural appeal without disturbing the balance of the home’s decor.


Many homeowners are unaware that aluminum seamless gutters are available in various colors. We carry seamless aluminum gutters in almost twenty different colors! white aluminum gutters are the standard, but a colored gutter system can add a unique appeal to your home.

Our colored gutters, like our white, have a baked-on finish, which will not oxidize as fast as other traditional gutters, ensuring that your system will not only be functional, but long lasting as well.

Does your house have a different color trim, fascia, siding, or brick and you can’t decide on one color to match them all? Well we have a solution for you; you can mix and match various colors to fit the color balance of your home! If your trim and siding colors compliment each other, you can also match complimentary colors throughout your gutter system. With the Brothers the color combinations are limited only by your imagination!


Half-round gutters offer an alternative style for your gutters and are available in all gutter materials. When selecting a gutter system, or solution, it is not always common knowledge that there are multiple style options available.

The two styles of gutters that we offer are traditional ‘K-Style Standard’ gutters and the classic ‘Half-Round’ gutters. The aesthetic beauty of half-round gutters is most often the reason they are chosen as a gutter solution. Although k-style gutters handle more rain water than half-round, half-round gutters perform efficiently in rain conditions.

The half-round style, cannot handle the same amount of volume as a k-style gutterand because of this, they are more inclined to have some overflow during very heavy rains. Half-round gutters still remain to be an effective and popular gutter system.

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